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At DermTech, we are driven by a genuine passion for skincare and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our journey began with a personal need—a desire to address common skin concerns and discover a solution that truly works. It is this unwavering dedication that led us on an extensive two-year quest to create the perfect derma roller, one that delivers actual results, withstands the test of time, and caters to both men and women.


Meet Ben, one of the co-founders of DermTech, who struggled with a patchy beard and a receding hairline for years. Determined to find a solution, Ben immersed himself in the world of derma rolling. After thorough research and experimentation, he discovered that derma rolling not only stimulated hair growth but also significantly improved the thickness and fullness of his hair. Witnessing this transformation firsthand Ben knew he had stumbled upon something extraordinary.


And then there's Rebecca, the other visionary behind DermTech. Rebecca had been battling with acne scars and wrinkles, desperately searching for a treatment that could restore her skin's radiance. Through her own personal journey, she discovered the incredible benefits of derma rolling. Not only did it minimize the appearance of her acne scars, but it also rejuvenated her skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles. Rebecca's experience ignited a fire within her to share this newfound solution with others.


Driven by their own personal successes, Ben and Rebecca joined forces, combining their knowledge and experiences to create DermTech. Together, they embarked on an arduous mission to develop the ultimate derma roller. Countless hours were spent researching and sourcing the finest materials, ensuring the highest quality and durability.



Through meticulous design and rigorous testing, DermTech emerged with a derma roller that surpasses expectations. Our product is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the transformative power of derma rolling. With our derma roller, men and women alike can unlock the potential for healthier, more vibrant skin, allowing them to confidently face the world.



At DermTech, we understand the transformative impact that addressing skin concerns can have on one's confidence and overall well-being. Our brand is rooted in a genuine desire to empower individuals to achieve their skincare goals. With passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, DermTech is revolutionizing the world of derma rolling one satisfied customer at a time.


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